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New Vinyl Floor Tiles May 2018

Along with the return of our hugely popular Sorzano vinyl floor tiles (now Sorzano Original) we are very pleased to announce two new colourways in that design and three versions of our completely new (and exclusive to us) Havana design. 
Current estimate for their arrival is towards the end of May 2018. If you'd like to be notified when they do arrive, please email us on Pictured here from top to bottom are Sorzano Foliage, Sorzano Sage, Havana Dawn, Havana Night & Havana Day

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Casablanca Grey Super Customer!

We liked these Casablanca Grey customer pics so much that we thought they should be imortalized!
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Rose des Vents Blue in Yorkshire Post

Nice Scandi-style makeover article in the Yorkshire Post featuring Rose des Vents Blue Floor Tiles under a roll top bath

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Rosemary Floor Tiles in Apartment Therapy

Thanks to Apartment Therapy & Rhubarb & Wren for their great bathroom makeover articles featuring our wonderful Rosemary Floor Tiles

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Finca Style

Here at Zazous we're big fans of Spain and all things Spanish. A direct consequence of centuries of Moorish rule in Spain is the huge amount and varying styles of ceramic tile that adorn even the humblest farmhouse or finca. These patterns have been the inspiration of some of our biggest sellers.

Spanish TileSpanish tile

all tiles reminiscent of our own Casablanca Grey vinyl floor tiles. Cool colours creating a calm environment. The perfect retreat from the harsh mediterranean sun.

Spanish FireplaceSpanish Floor Tiles

Of course the nights can be chilly and the winters can get very cold so the warm earth colours of terracotta will reflect that firelight and create perfect coziness.

spanish contemporarySpanish Tiles

Time doesn't stand still. Old designs will find new life in new settings. Timeless patterns and even reclaimed tiles in modern contexts will demonstrate the inherent versatility of spanish patterns and produce a great result.

But what is quintessential and everlasting in ceramic is colour. The Moorish legacy in Spain is dazzling , vibrant and seemingly eternal, as seen here at The Alhambra in Granada - Five hundred years old and counting...

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Blue. The Cool Hue

To go along with our recent blog post featuring grey coloured products, here’s another selection of items in that other perennially popular hue, blue! Many of our most popular products are clearly bound for the watery rooms in the home – the kitchen and bathroom. Blue floors and furnishings are clean, cool and calming and make great accents or a great backdrop for white goods and loos!

Among our blue flooring options is Rose des Vents in Blue, one of our long running vinyl floor tiles from France. They’re easy to install, great retro fun and hard wearing - something to consider when moving around in the fridge/sink/hob triangle. Pictured here as well is its turquoise companion, Bali, another popular design.

Among our more recent discoveries, Ronda Blue is sheet vinyl flooring with both a modern & mid-century feel. Ronda Blue also has the same hard wearing attributes as our tiles and is flying off the roll!

Extremely fashionable right now are the Xavier Pauchard French café chairs. We have many colours available and they look particularly good in Baby Blue & Teal. A few of these will add considerable sophistication to your breakfasting experience.

For the full blue experience we offer a number of bespoke wallpaper murals. Thanks to advances in digital printing these are now well within the reach of even the most modest pockets. We can offer standard sizes or we can custom size them to fit any wall. The impact is huge and the value impressive. Shown here are Welcome to Las Vegas and Blue Poppy

So there’s just a taste of what we can do in blue. Once again, Zazous have found great products with great value. It’s our thing.

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