Butterfly Chairs

New on Zazous, just in time for Christmas, is the gorgeous Butterfly chair. Handmade by artisans in India in sumptuous thick buffalo hide with a powder coated black steel frame. Only £185 with shipping included.


The Butterfly chair was designed in Buenos Aires in 1938 by the architects Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy and was developed for an apartment building they designed in Buenos Aires.

 In the early 1940s, it was produced in the US by Artek-Pascoe, Inc., New York. After the war, the US production rights were acquired by Hans Knoll, who had recognized its commercial potential in 1947 and added it to the Knoll line.


The chair’s commercial success led to a surge in unauthorized replicas. After a losing a legal case for design-infringement, Knoll ceased production in 1951.

Since then, the butterfly chair continues to be produced by many manufacturers from many countries.

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Zazous Floor Tiles in Bar. As Bar!

A medley of our popular vinyl floor tiles tiles cunningly arranged in patchwork fashion to make an inexpensive yet striking focal point to this South Coast hostelry

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New Customer Pics!

Granada Black & Sorzano Original. Thanks again and keep them coming!


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Frank Lloyd Wright AirBnB on Lake Michigan

In the small town of Two Rivers on the shores of Lake Michigan is a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house from 1940. You can stay there. We did. 

The house was designed for a Life Magazine article in 1938 to demonstrate a 'dream house' intended for a forward thinking American family with an income of $5-6,000 a year. The house was eventually built more or less to that design 2 years later for local businessman Bernard Schwartz who lived in the house with his family until 1971.

The house is extremely original, all of the 1940 bathroom fittings remain (and work just fine) and the house is reputed to have the oldest working underfloor heating system in the US. We were not able to test that theory as we were there in August. There is no air con but among the many period accessories are some pretty lethal art-deco electric fans. Watch your fingers.

A combination of exposed brick, polished concrete floor and extensive wooden paneling combined with high ceilings and large windows make the home feel simultaneously cozy and airy. A neat trick. The pierced wooden blinds at clerestory level and the galleried landing also lend the house a sophisticated air. We didn't have the cigarette holders so had to make do with gin and tonics...

We enjoyed our 2 nights there very much indeed and can definitely recommend the house, Two Rivers in general and the Susie Q fish market too!



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Heat Up Your Life With Sultry Latin Style

With the summer heat finally upon us, now is the time to take a long hard look at our sensible European interiors and let in a little of that Latin flavour. Central America and the Caribbean can offer us pale folk a huge array of patterns and colours that will lift our moods, our floors and our furnishings. A combination of native and colonial pasts combined with a sense of invention, often from cash strapped necessity, gives the area its unique flavour.


Cuba's colonial history creates a special fusion of Moorish tile design via Spain mixed up with Caribbean heat to create vivid encaustic cement tiled floors in dazzling colours. Handmade floor tiles aren't as accessible as they once were - the price of labour having increased slightly since the 1870´s - but vinyl alternatives are available and simple colour combinations will make them more versatile in a modern setting

Across the gulf in Mexico's sunny Acapulco, an anonymous 1950's french tourist, sitting uncomfortably in a straight backed dining chair, beheld a hammock and had the bright idea of combining the two items. Behold! A design classic was born... True or not (no one knows), the Acapulco Chair has enjoyed enormous success and spawned thousands of imitators. The original chairs are still made in Mexico and utilize recycled PVC in their construction. Environmentally sound as well as delicious.

Typical of the whole region and a consequence of the economically disadvantaged status of many of the inhabitants, is an inventiveness with humble materials. Bold use of colour and a liberal attitude to paint combined with a desire to brighten one's surroundings can create startling effects for not much money. A few such items in a subdued suburban semi will work wonders with your mood!

So paint your wheelie bin and buy a parrot. Mine's a mojito!
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Catalan Art Nouveau Sandwich Shop.

In the Catalan town of Vilanova i la Geltru where Zazous currently resides, there is a Modernista (Catalan Art Nouveau) house on the Rambla run by the El Fornet chain as a cafe. Each room on the ground floor retains its original 100 year old encaustic tiled floor and the 1st floor bay window combines decorative iron work, stained glass and ceramic tiles in one faded but joyous confection. We like it very much. 





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