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Time to Transform the Garden Into A Stylish Oasis

It's that time of year again folks! The garden looks like an overgrown jungle with no discernible features or style. Where is Alan Titchmarsh when we need him, eh? I must confess that gardening isn't really my thing. Which is why I prefer to treat it like another room in the house. Sort out the walls and the floors, add some stylish furniture, a plant or two, add a few wow factors and "Voila!"; there you have another space to eat, relax and drink a few cocktails.

Here's our quick fix to ensure you actually get to use that garden this year...

I know the weather isn't exactly tropical in this fair isle. But every now and then the sun shines and that's when we rush to sit in our lovely garden. So why not create a little Californian paradise for those sunny days. Take inspiration from the wonderful gardens of mid century houses in Palm Springs, full of cacti and tropical palms...

First, the flooring. I'm not a fan of the lawn. 
I hate mowing it and it either needs watering or its a quagmire. Instead I'd use some stylish encaustic floor tiles for the main area. 

Maria Starling's Oasis Tiles create just oasis in which to bask in the sun.

The vertical surfaces are the next target next. If you have walls then smooth render them and paint them a popping colour. Fuschia pink or deep orange both look marvellous with green palms in front.  

Just take a look at this Mexican garden...the pool looks rather fabulous too. But when the sun only shines for 2 weeks a year it's hardly worth it unfortunately. Never mind, just focus on the fabulous pink wall and let's move on to the furniture...


With a garden like this you simply have to get a classic 1950s style Acapulco chair. Still handmade in Mexico these are the real deal. A  Margarita just wouldn't taste the same in any other chair.

Its nice to have an outdoor sofa as well as the chairs and the Jonah rattan sofa in dark grey (from would be a perfect mid century match.

For dining go for a classic French bistro style with the Xavier Pauchard Tolix style chairs, £79.99. A little chilly on the bum but bags of style. You can always add some nice cushions anyway!

Finish it all off with a Wow factor in the form of a hanging 
Bubble Chair, £559.99, so you can curl up and read a book in style. This one would even keep the rain off when that unexpected shower takes you by surprise!

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