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Seville Customer Pictures

We're always really grateful when people take the trouble to send us pictures. Here's Seville Sheet Vinyl Flooring looking really great!

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Granada Black Customer Pictures

2 Customer pics from across the Atlantic showing Granada Black in all its versatile glory!

Granada Black Customer Picture

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New Vinyl Floor Tiles May 2018

Along with the return of our hugely popular Sorzano vinyl floor tiles (now Sorzano Original) we are very pleased to announce two new colourways in that design and three versions of our completely new (and exclusive to us) Havana design. 
Current estimate for their arrival is towards the end of May 2018. If you'd like to be notified when they do arrive, please email us on Pictured here from top to bottom are Sorzano Foliage, Sorzano Sage, Havana Dawn, Havana Night & Havana Day

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Casablanca Grey Super Customer!

We liked these Casablanca Grey customer pics so much that we thought they should be imortalized!
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Rose des Vents Blue in Yorkshire Post

Nice Scandi-style makeover article in the Yorkshire Post featuring Rose des Vents Blue Floor Tiles under a roll top bath

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Rosemary Floor Tiles in Apartment Therapy

Thanks to Apartment Therapy & Rhubarb & Wren for their great bathroom makeover articles featuring our wonderful Rosemary Floor Tiles

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