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Enough About The Walls Already! What About The Floor?

Why should walls have all the fun? Over the last 10 years or so designers have lovingly created beautiful bold wallpapers, striking wall stickers and larger than life wallpaper murals to adorn our vertical surfaces. Our walls have become glamorous and fashionable. 

Meanwhile our poor downtrodden floors have put up with the same old boring finishes. Wood and stone or "fake" wood and "fake" stone have been all the poor old floor could expect. Neglected and looked down upon by those glamorous walls, it has begun to feel second rate and forlorn. It doesn't have to be that way...

Here at Zazous we think its time the floor got to join the party. And here's how...

Laminate flooring doesn't have to be dull. Any floor would be proud to wear this super stylish Castello Flooring that creates the illusion of a stunning patchwork of Moorish cement tiles. And the bonus is that is is eco-friendly, extremely hard wearing and easy to lay. It costs £25 per square metre and I'm sure your floor is worth every penny...

There are more Moroccan inspired designs available such as our own Casablanca Vinyl Floor Tiles, priced at £19.99, which are modern and muted in tone but still boast a striking design to make any floor proud...

To create a really dynamic floor design it is hard to compete with this Granada Vinyl Flooring which comes in sheet form and is only £16 per square metre...

Or any of these beautiful designs to make your floor feel loved and desirable...

If money is no object or you only have small space to cover, you can treat your floor to the luxury of encaustic cement tiles like these...

Remember, one of the wonderful things about creating a statement floor is that it allows the walls to become blank canvasses for hanging fantastic wall art without fighting a wallpaper design. It also means that you don't have to try too hard to create drama with the furnishings. Let the floor take centre stage for a change.

No more downtrodden floors! 

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