A. Are wall stickers easy to apply?

Yes. All our wall stickers come with clear and easy to follow instructions. All you need is: 

-A smooth and clean surface to stick to
-A pair of scissors to cut off the excess backing or divide it up if need be
-An old credit card or something similar to squash the sticker down
-A clean cloth to wipe it down after you remove the transfer tape and make sure it's stuck.

B. But the tree wall stickers are enormous! how can they possibly be easy to apply?

We have ensured that all our large design wall stickers come to you in clearly labelled and easy to manage sections. Anyone with a chair to stand on will achieve the same dramatic results suggested by our website.

C. How am I expected to accurately position the two eyes in the 'Eyes' wall sticker?

We wouldn't expect anyone to be able to manage this! The two eyes come on one sheet already positioned correctly in relation to each other and are applied in one go. This goes for similar wall sticker designs like 'Geisha' where the positioning of the elements within the design is critical.

D. So how does it work with the 'Floating Dandelions' wall sticker?

Where there are lots of smaller elements in a wall sticker design and the arrangement is up to you then you will find those elements squashed together on the backing sheet and you will need to cut that up before application.

E. Explain to me again about the wallpaper murals?

The wall paper murals are a non-repeating pattern tailor made to your dimensions. They usually feature a central image over a patterned background. The central image can be moved to any point on the wall and you won't need to pay for where there are doors and fire places etc.

The paper is priced per linear metre of 47cm wide roll, so for a wall 2.5 metres high it will be the price per metre times 2.5 for a 47cm wide chunk of wall. This figure is then multiplied by the number of 47cm  wide chunks it would take to fill the width of your wall.
Remember you will probably need to exceed both the height and the width to be sure you have enough paper for the wall.

F. Is there a special sort of paste I should use with the wallpaper murals?

Yes. The paste required for wallpaper murals is the kind that goes on the wall rather than the back of the paper.