We're pleased to share some of our customers photo's with you.
Have a look, get some ideas.
We'd love to have more - send them to nick@zazous.co.uk
Show off your beautiful home! 

Sorzano successfully laid in this room
Beautiful Herbarium Wallpaper Mural in this bedroom

Another Urban Forest Looking wonderful in this nursery. And is that an Eames style RAR rocker? 
Our ever popular floating dandelions in light grey gracing a Birmingham kitchen 
Rosemary floor tiles really working this Somerset bathroom !

Where would YOU put them?
Rosemary vinyl floor tiles looking very nice indeed in the kitchen.
Of course, they can go just about anywhere.. 
Urban Forest split into two. 
Here's half the trees, very effectively in one corner. 
And here's the other half.
Multi-element stickers can be arranged anyway you like.
Urban Forest again looking very smart in a contemporary flat.
One tree just out of shot.
A camera phone was used here and we've been promised higher resolution!
All stickers can be adapted to suit your specific requirements .
Pop Art Girl in the bedroom.
Nice use of 'hand tinting' on the lips and eyes.