Do you find yourself drooling over expensive designer furniture and wishing you could afford it? Do you find yourself back in IKEA once more wishing there was at least some alternative to the Swedish brand? Do you presume that the amazing price tags at Conran must be justified by the high cost of making such a high quality and great-looking piece? Unfortunatley this is rarely the case, as Ning Li, co-founder and CEO of the online furniture store, discovered. He comes from a town in China that is known for manufacturing furniture of this kind and was shocked to discover that a sofa that costs a few hundred dollars to make would retail for ten times that in the West. Furthermore, the designer brands cost the same or even less to manufacture than regular brands. This is why he started the revolutionary brand that is

£329                                                          £499  

So how is different? Put simply, it cuts out all the middle men. They work directly with the manufacturers around the world. Every 7 days, they combine all the orders for a piece and put them into production. By only manufacturing what's been ordered, they reduce their costs. They have no warehousing and no showrooms to pay for. Furthermore, they cut out the risk of manufacturing items they won't sell as they ask you to vote for which designs you want to see made.

So that explains the prices but what about the design? By sourcing designs from the industry's freshest talent I think you'll agree that they push all the right buttons. They have some wonderful mid century inspired styles, such as Kubrick, Jonah and the brand new Jersey.


Or for a contemporary and glamorous Italian style there is the gorgeous Vittorio.


It is not only sofas that have been given the treatment. From their range of "Piggy Bags" to super cool bicycles they offer us a designer style without the designer price tag. 


You may never need to schlep around IKEA (or Halfords!) again! Click here to buy from