Vinyl Floor Tiles and Wall Stickers for your home

About Us

Here at Zazous we love to scour the globe to find quirky and dramatic products to add inspirational design to your home or business. Our selection of vinyl floor tiles, wall stickers, and gorgeous unique furniture is specially sourced to add design and flair to any space.

Zazous started out as a small company just selling interesting wall stickers, but as the years went on, we found that our vinyl tiles and stickers proved to be very popular! Our increased flooring range has garnered a lot of attention in lifestyle blogs and magazines across the world and is in high demand due to our consistently high quality finishes and very reasonable prices. 

Check out our extensive range of products now, or contact us on 0845 591 3440 and talk about your home, what you want and how we can help!

Les Zazous were a subculture in France during World War II. During the German occupation of France, the Vichy regime, which collaborated with the Nazi occupiers, had an ultra-conservative morality and started to use a whole range of laws against a youth that was restless and disenchanted. These young people expressed their resistance and nonconformity through wearing big or garish clothing and taking part in aggressive dance competitions, sometimes against soldiers from the occupying forces. When the yellow star was forced on Jews, many of les Zazous began to wear yellow stars with "Zazu", "Goy" (Gentile) or "Swing", as a sign of their solidarity with the persecuted Jewish population. Here at Zazous we admire that non-conformity and their avant garde rebellion. And we are extremely grateful that we will not be arrested by Nazi forces for displaying our individuality in our homes!

Vinyl Floor Tiles

Our vinyl tiling options provide a whole new way to liven up a tired space. Our best-selling floor tiles echo a wide range of influences, from the souks of Marrakech to classic American diner flooring, and are not only easy to fit, but extremely versatile, ready to be cut to fit around doorframes, radiator pipes and awkward furniture.

If you’re looking for something a little more original, our floor tiles can also be mixed to create interesting statement flooring! We offer samples of all of our vinyl tiles for £1.00 (plus shipping) so you can see how our bold patterns fit you before committing to full vinyl flooring.

Wall Stickers

We offer a huge range of wall stickers to add a contemporary design twist to your home or business. With a choice of graphic prints, beautiful nature murals, or trendy typography, we can help transform your space from a house into a home, with quality vinyl touches.

Check out our massive variety of colour choices to find the perfect vinyl sticker for you. We can also produce our typed wall stickers bespoke, so if you have a special quote that belongs on your wall, we can produce it for you in high quality vinyl and get it to you within three working days!

Modern Furniture

When it comes to wall and floor art, we like to think of ourselves as the experts. But that isn’t all we do – check out our selection of furniture! Our range of chairs blends the classic with the contemporary, ensuring that our expertly sourced furniture is perfectly complimentary of our statement vinyl tiles and wall murals.