Zazous for Vinyl Floor Tiles, Wall Stickers, Murals, Wallpaper, Furniture and more

About Us

Here at Zazous we love to scour the globe to find quirky and dramatic products to spice up your walls, floors and furnishings. We started life selling wall stickers and our tree designs are still extremely popular - they make an amazing impact in any room. 

Check out our gorgeous furniture; Our wonderful genuine Mexican Acapulco chairs, Eames chairs and replica Le Corbusier classics

Don't forget to look at our high quality German laminate flooring. The finish is guaranteed for 25 years... Once again, Zazous brings you luxury looks at very reasonable prices. 

Zazous´s best selling products are our stunning vinyl floor tiles. We sold so many of the lovely French designs that we introduced our own brand and now we can't keep up with the demand ... but we're doing our best! The new Sorzano and Havana designs are attracting a lot of press attention and are proving very popular with our customers in the UK and abroad!

Our stunning sheet vinyl flooring designs echo tradtional tiles but with a modern twist. The range is constantly evolving so there will probably be something new everytime you look.

The most recent addition is a range of porcelain and ceramic floor tiles. We have picked 18 designs we feel suit the Zazous customer and they range from the currently trendy to the absolutely timeless.