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Striking Hallway Flooring Ideas

Restored Victorian Hall vinyl tiles

Flooring First When it comes to creating striking hallway flooring you’ve got to think big. Picture a grand entrance at a stately home, like Chatsworth. That’s what you call making a good first impression. But sadly, for most of us, our hallways are often neglected scruffy areas or at best boring neutrally decorated nothings. The […]

Scandi Interiors Trend: Still No 1 for 2021!

Scandi Interiors

The Scandi (or Scandinavian) interior design style has been topping the charts for a long time and shows no sign of slipping. So let’s take a look at what it actually means and how you can get the look. What is Scandinavian Style? Scandi design is notable for its clean lines, its focus on functionality […]

Creating Mid Century Style With Vinyl Flooring

Mid Century Vinyl Flooring in a kitchen

Mid century modern style is the fashion that refuses to die. Having begun it’s resurgence in the late 90s it has continued to grow in popularity. Perhaps because it can be used in so many different ways and can fit with almost any other trend that comes along. So we are delighted to see that […]

Interior design in the time of Covid: How a global pandemic is changing our homes

Stylish office furniture for the home workspace, plenty of storage, garages turned into gyms and sheds converted to pubs. All the while taking into consideration how everywhere can be kept spotless. These are the new vital interior design considerations in 2020! Strange days indeed. Until Coronavirus, 70% of the population of the UK had never […]

Azulejos,Traditional Spanish and Portuguese Tiles, Provide Inspiration For Modern Vinyl Floor Tiles

Vintage Floor Tiles

Vinyl Floor Tile inspiration is always at the forefront of our minds on our travels, particularly when we´re in Spain, Portugal, Morocco or Latin America. We are always on the look out for eye catching and authentic patterns, colours and shapes that will create beautiful floors in any space. We love the original encaustic cement […]

Sorzano Original Vinyl Floor tiles add rustic charm

Sorzo vinyl floor tiles Customer project

A lovely use of Sorzano Original vinyl floor tiles in a rustic style freestanding kitchen. So glad you are happy with your tiles Sam. We think they look fabulous! Sam said “Really pleased with overall effect and already we have received lots of compliments! Relatively easy to install for those with DIY experience but quite […]

Stunning bathroom in Bath!

Striking gothic floor tiles

Christel sent us this picture of her bathroom refurb boasting our Gothic vinyl floor tiles and we loved it so much we use this picture on our product listing. They look stunning, don´t you think? Christel said, “Perfect experience! Arrived quickly after shipping, easy to apply! Very pleased.” So happy to hear that Christel. We […]